The Pollen Indicator processes the data provided by the network of 8 robotic pollen monitors in Bavaria with just a 3hrs time lag.

Bavaria is world-wide the first state that implemented a network of pollen monitors that, by image recognition, determine the quantity of pollen in the air. This data is provided online for free. The Pollen Indicator connects to the pollen robot in Munich and displays the concentrations of different pollen currently in the air in Munich. Vertically the expected level of allergic symptoms is displayed, horizontally the exact concentration of airborne pollen is displayed.

ZAUM expects that this Pollen Indicator helps Bavarian Citizens to better cope with their allergic diseases and to create awareness, by delivering actual pollen counts.

New Allergen of insect venom discovered

CAI researcher of the TUM department Dermatology and Allergology and the Center of Allergy and environment (ZAUM) in cooperation with researcher from Spain, Luxembourg, and Denmark recently discovered Pol d 3, a dipeptidyl peptidase, as the main allergen of the Polistes dominula venom.
The insect Polistes dominula is widespread in Southern Europe as well as in the United States but it will spread due to the climate change also to Western Europe. The discovery of Pol d 3 might form the basis for a proper diagnosis of Polistes venom allergy in the future.

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European Socity for Dermatological Research (ESDR) Rudi Cormane Lecture

The Rudi Cormane Lecture is ESDR’s most prestigious lecture. It is given by an internationally recognized individual who has made a significant contribution to the ESDR and who has carried out high quality science relevant to dermatology. Prof Rudi Cormane (1925-1987) was a founding member of the ESDR as well as serving as its Treasurer and President.